Black Tot Masterclass with Mitch Wilson - Latitude Wine & Liquor Merchant

Black Tot Masterclass with Mitch Wilson

Black Tot Day in 1970 marked the end of a navy tradition that had lasted for 239 years - the daily ‘tot’ of rum issued to crews in the British Royal Navy was voted to be given out no more. It also signified the end of a historic rum blend that had been continuously evolving since the early 1800s - a rum that cannot be recreated with today’s production methods or distilleries.

Join us for a very special masterclass with Mitch Wilson (Black Tot Rum Global Ambassador), as he presents a deep dive into the murky waters of this historic spirit. In this session, Mitch will explore some of the common myths and misconceptions associated with Navy Rum, and we will discover the real story behind the world’s first multi-country rum blend.

Guests will have a chance to taste Black Tot Finest Caribbean as well as each of its individual component rums from Barbados, Guyana, and Jamaica that we chose for our blend. In addition, each attendee will be given a taste of Black Tot Master Blender’s Reserve - bottled at 54.5% ABV (full Navy Strength), this is a limited-edition release aimed at recreating the blending style of the authentic Navy Rum blend.

Rums in the tasting -

  • Barbados 5-year-old (Foursquare Distillery) - 46.2% ABV
  • Guyana un-aged (Diamond Distillery) - 46.2% ABV
  • Guyana 3-5 year (Diamond Distillery) - 46.2% ABV
  • Jamaica 3-year-old (Worthy Park Distillery) - 46.2% ABV
  • Black Tot Finest Caribbean - 46.2% ABV
  • Black Tot Master Blender’s Reserve - 54.5% ABV

Ticket price also includes a selection of meats and cheeses from our kitchen (vegan & vegetarian options also available).

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