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Adega D Palmela Moscatel de Setubal

Adega D Palmela Moscatel de Setubal

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Founded in 1955 with the name Adega Cooperativa da Região do Moscatel de Setúbal, it began its activity in 1958.

The Adega Cooperativa de Palmela is one of the main centres of development of the Municipality that is markedly agricultural and where the vineyard and the wine have, for historical reasons, a fairly large importance. The main wine-growing area lies on the sandy plain that makes up a large part of the Municipality of Palmela.

The Adega Cooperativa de Palmela began its activity with 50 members and with a production that did not exceed 1.5 million litres. Nowadays, production exceeds 8 million litres, and the wine cellar has the capacity to reach 10 million, with 75% being Red Wine, 15% White Wine and 10% Moscatel de Setúbal Wine.

It currently has 300 members that have a combined area of 1000 hectares. A substantial part of its production is bottled via 5 automatic lines with a capacity of 10,000 bottles/hour. The Adega Cooperativa de Palmela has, over the years, been updating both its manufacturing and bottling technology, and is today a certified unit (ISO 9001-2000) since June 2003, with the dedication and effort of its 40 employees.

It produces the brands Pedras Negras (white red rose table wine, liqueur wine, grape marc spirit, aged grape marc), Vale dos Barris (white and rose Setúbal Peninsula regional wine), Adega de Palmela (DO and red Reserve), Adega de Palmela (DO Fortified Moscatel Wine) and Palma (aged wine spirit). In packages ranging from 0.06 to 20l).

Obtained from the fermentation of Moscatel grapes, stopped by the addition of vinic wine brandy and a minimum maceration period of 5 months. Bottled 24 months after vinification.

Tasting Notes
An amber colour with some golden reflections and aroma of orange peel, honey, dried fruit, tea and presents a fresh flavour that is well balanced and with good persistence.

Drink as an appetizer at a temperature of 10ºC or as a digestive at a temperature of 16ºC. As an aperitif it can be enjoy with ice. As a digestive with custard desserts, fruits or dark chocolate.

It wine will drink well for many years. After a bottle has been opened it keeps for 1 year.

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