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Akashi Single Malt

Akashi Single Malt

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As sugested by the name, the distillery is located in the small city of Akashi, south of the main island and a few miles away from Kobe.

White Oak was the first Japanese distillery to be granted a proper whisky distillation license, back in 1919.

Having been a family-run, craft distillery since producing its very first batch, White Oak also stays true to its roots, reinforcing its long-lasting traditions of Sake and Shochu production.

Whisky distillation takes place once a year over a four-month period from April to July. A new distillery using Scottish methods was built in 1984 and double distillation takes place in traditional copper pot stills.

Single malt Japanese whisky from the Akashi range, produced by White Oak in Hyogo, just west of Kobe. This non-age-statement release ought to prove rather interesting for whisky adventurers looking to try something new. Producing using lightly peated barley and aged in three different types of cask, this is the brand's flagship malt.

Tasting Notes
A powerful single malt combining vanilla and American oak notes, unleashing a fantastic array of malted flavours. 

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