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Archangel Chardonnay

Archangel Chardonnay

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Archangel is a true story of hope, love and survival. Destiny at work. It begins in 1940 with two young girls, Stefania and Halina. Forced from their homes in war-torn Poland, the girls find themselves in a labour camp in Arkhangel'sk, Siberia. Though they had not yet met, they begin a courageous journey to freedom. A parallel journey that takes them across many continents, where they encounter similar experiences of displacement and despair, as well as unexpected acts of kindness and compassion.

With nowhere to go, Stefania and Halina take on the challenges of their new life in refugee settlement camps in Africa.

The tenacious young women seize an opportunity when British National Defence officials arrive in Africa, searching for new recruits to support the war effort in Europe. Excited by the prospect of a better life, Stefania and Halina enlist into the Womens Auxiliary Air Force (WAAF). Their journey continues when they are sent to the same RAF base in England. It is here that their paths finally come together and a life-long friendship begins.

During WWll, RAF Newton in Nottinghamshire, was home to several Polish Airforce squadrons. It was here that Stefania and Halina would meet and fall in love with two young Polish officers. On 8 May 1945 the war in Europe came to an end. VE Day was a day of celebration and a new beginning for the two young couples.

A generation later, destiny would once again weave its web. Serendipity and romance would bring Ian and Mary together; the son and daughter of our two heroines.

Inspired by the same spirit and determination as their mothers, they begin their own journey, searching for a unique and distinctive place worthy of being called Archangel.

Their quest takes them to Central Otago, in the south island of New Zealand.

Today, Archangel vineyard is a labour of love, a legacy of new hopes and dreams and is part of a continuing story that began in 1940.

Archangel is filled with unbelievable tales of journey, tenacity and survival; a maze of intertwined paths that has shaped what it is today.

Tasting Notes
Enticing aromas of peach and nectarine are interlaced with hints of buttery, toasty oak and vanilla flavours. A medium bodied wine with a balanced acidity that carries through to a long, lingering finish. The Vintage_2013 Chardonnay is a graceful and distinctive wine that is easy to pair with a wide variety of food.

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