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Barbadillo Ataman Vermut

Barbadillo Ataman Vermut

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Barbadillo"„¢s first brand Pastora Divina"„¢ was launched in 1827 and was well received, setting the family on the path to success.

The family continued to acquire more Bodegas. Vitally, many of these occupied the first row"„¢ on the high town"„¢s ridge, at its apex, where the winds are not obstructed by other buildings. These superb locations and Barbadillo"„¢s winemaking skill meant that their reputation soared. Today"„¢s seventh winemaking generation own 12 Bodegas, housing 30,000 Sherry butts, many of which are fed with wines sourced from Palomino Fina grapes grown at the family"„¢s 500 hectare Gilbabin and San Luisa vineyards in the Jerez Superior.

These solid foundations have resulted in Barbadillo producing some of the world"„¢s most famous Sherry brands, including Muy Fina"„¢ and Solear"„¢. The latter of which has received numerous awards, including selection as the “World"„¢s Best Manzanilla 2015"� by Wine Spectator.

Barbadillo are also famous for old and rare Sherries. Thanks to almost two centuries of careful stock management by the family, they have a huge stock of old wines. Some of these have been in the family"„¢s care for over 150 years. The Sacrista"„¢ cellar is home to the oldest Criadeiras (a level of butts in the Solera), and the family"„¢s own private collection. These oenological treasures are released in tiny parcels as Reliquias"„¢, or artfully blended by winemaker Montse Molina into old “Cuco"� and “VORS"� wines. They have received some of the highest accolades in the wine world, regularly scoring points in the high 90s from Parker with the Palo Cortado Reliquia receiving 100 points.

In 2014 Barbadillo launched “Versos 1891"�, a game-changing wine that has set new levels of excellence in the Sherry industry. This super luxury Sherry is bottled from a single cask of old Amontillado laid down in 1891 at the christening of Don Manuel Barbadillo.

Atamán Vermut

Inspired by the Ataman"„¢ vermouths and tonic wines that have been aging for decades in the cellars of Bodegas Barbadillo. The Ataman"„¢ brand was registered by Barbadillo in 1943. At times we ask ourselves what prompted Manuel Barbadillo to use the name of a Cossack general for this vermouth, but sadly we have no answer. What we do know is that this cavalier of old returns once more, full of life and character"¦.and of absinth, quassia tree bark, Seville orange, rosemary and elderberry.

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