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Belvedere Cytrus

Belvedere Cytrus

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Belvedere Vodka is made using 100% Dan´kowskie Gold Rye, which has only been successfully harvested in Poland.

It is then distilled four times, the optimum number for achieving its unique flavor profile "� three distillations leave minor imperfections, five distillations strip away delicious flavour notes.

Polmos Zyrardów uses a proprietary water purification system that relies on reverse osmosis; blended spirit and water are distilled through custom-made charcoal and mechanical filters. The ultimate difference is the skill, experience and attention to detail of the Zyrardów team. Led by veteran directors with twenty and thirty years of experience at Polmos Zyrardów each, the distillery is an exciting mix of tradition, state of the art technology, passion and innovation.

By soaking fresh fruit directly in the vodka, Belvedere ensures that the vibrant flavours from fresh fruit, peels and flowers are delicately extracted. Real fruit delivers a bright and natural lemon and lime brightness to the vodka. The aromatic citrus notes take you elsewhere, where the climate is warm and invigorating. This spring time escape is the result of three separate macerations of citrus peels, Italian and Argentine lemons, and Mexican limes, with no artificial flavours or sugar added. Enjoy spring refreshment any month of the year.

Tasting Notes
Fresh and aromatic nose with a refreshing fragrance of crisp citrus with baked key lime notes. Complex and well-balanced palate. Crisp, clean, inviting with the lemon and lime notes seamlessly integrated. Clean finish, with lively acidity.

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