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Boxer Gin

Boxer Gin

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The Boxer aims to deliver the classic London dry style of gin but with unprecedented vibrancy and complexity.
The main balance of flavours is between fresh juniper and our triumvirate of citrus - lemon, orange and bergamot. This extra dry balance is set against a background of rich, woody spice and aromatic floral roots.
The Boxer difference is most apparent on the nose and on the finish, and it stands up exceptionally well to tonic, remaining clear even on heavy dilution. When drunk neat or as a gin martini, the softness and luxurious texture of Boxer gin are most apparent and extremely welcome.


London Dry

 Key Botanicals:

Juniper, bergamot, sweet lemon, Seville orange, angelica root, orris root liquorice root, cinnamon bark, cassia bark, nutmeg, coriander seed.

 Perfect Serve:

Premium tonic garnished with juniper berries & a twist of pink grapefruit peel.

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