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Casa Belfi Rosso Bio Frizzante

Casa Belfi Rosso Bio Frizzante

Casa Belfi is located in San Polo di Pieve (Veneto), in the province of Treviso. The winery founded in 1999, today is an established company that covers 10 hectares of vineyards between San Polo and Romanziol di Noventa del Piave, soils of gravelly origin, rich in sand and silt. Particularly low yields per plant, and the least interventionist work in the cellar are the key to understanding his wines. Maurizio, helped by his wife Fabiola, conducts continuous research aimed at respecting and improving production for the vineyard, adding and experimenting with various methods, both biological and, Bio-dynamic, to have healthy land. Total exclusion of fertilizers, pesticides and chemical herbicides, trying to favor the rhythms and needs of nature. In the cellar, the least possible steps are taken in the winemaking process, with constant research for new solutions, not least to refine wines in amphorae. In the cellar large woods and terracotta amphorae with stainless steel closing are used. The wines show a commendable stylistic maturity, combining intensity, vital energy, expressive naturalness. They are wines of spontaneous drinkability, of contemporary style and with a strong territorial identity.


Spontaneously fermented without temperature controls

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