Domain De La Senechaliere Couer De Raisin

Domain De La Senechaliere Couer De Raisin

Marc is one of the rare winemakers in the Muscadet country to produce 100% natural wine. The production method also differs and the eligibility conditions are more drastic than those of organic farming and bio-dynamics. "We pick the grapes and transform them naturally into wine: it's as simple as that. A grape must have no defects. We have to be in symbiosis all year with the plant. Success is to pick a perfect grape. The downside is obviously the yields. They are lower than average,"says Marc, who currently operates an area of 20 hectares.

Like all the cuvees of the Domaine de la Senechaliere, Couer de Raisin comes from Melon de B... vines (in the French wine classification the growers do not have the right to mention the grape variety) established on a shale terroir, carefully worked (using copper, essential oils and herbal teas) and harvested at full maturity.

Marc doesn't like to do things like the others, or let's just say that he has a way of apprehending winemaking that distinguishes him from many of his brothers and sisters! The care and time given to the pressing phase (under very low pressure) allow it to extract grapes from the aromas at the heart of the grapes (we understand the why of the name of the cuvee ..) and a "touch of mouth" specific.

Due to the very low sulphur level used during winemaking (less than 20 mg per litre), you will be able to perceive at the opening a little carbon dioxide - on these natural wines, it is very frequent - which even if remains subtle, may surprise you. Do not hesitate to decant the wine a little in advance.

In tasting, what a nice surprise! We are far from many white early vegetables which often seem a little "flat". The slow pressing allows you to get the flavones (the equivalent for white wines from anthocyanins for red wines) and to obtain a full, aromatic and seductive wine.

Tasting notes

Sweet-toned, very primary and grapey nose with aromas of white flowers, some tangy salinity, a little bit of something umami-like and a hint of honey. The wine is moderately full-bodied, ripe and fruity on the palate with flavours of pear, some waxy tones, light chalky mineral bitterness, a hint of primary grapey fruit and a touch of saline tang.

Vintages: Important Note

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Vintages may vary. If you require a specific vintage please contact us in advance to check.


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Please note: Vintages may vary. If you require a specific vintage please contact us in advance to check.

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