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Don Julio Blanco

Don Julio Blanco

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It was this passion that inspired his creation of the world"„¢s first luxury tequila. From a young age, Don Julio González saw a unique opportunity in the production of tequila. With nothing but his own passion for the endeavour, he went to a powerful local businessman and requested a loan to pursue his vision. Seeing exceptional drive and confidence in the young man, the businessman granted him a loan to found his first distillery.

In his mission to revolutionize tequila from the ground up, Don Julio González chose quality over quantity at every turn. He painstakingly planted each agave further apart, giving them more room to grow. He allowed each individual plant to grow to full maturity before harvesting. He would select only the most succulent portions of the piña, before slow roasting them for 72-hour cycles. The resulting tequila was smoother, richer, and of truly uncompromising quality.

When the time came to bottle his creation, he broke with generations of tradition. Tequila bottles had always been tall and were usually hidden beneath the table. Don Julio González envisioned a spirit worthy of proud display on the table and designed a shorter bottle so his guests could still see one another across the table.

As word of his tequila spread and his success grew, Don Julio González stayed loyal to the community that had made his labour of love a phenomenon. Staying in his native Jalisco, he established a distillery where generations to come would follow his passion for quality and craftsmanship, the passion of a man who revolutionized an industry forever.


Don Julio Tequila is produced in the Highlands of Jalisco, where the microclimate and mineral-rich clay soil allow the blue agave plant to flourish. Each drop of Don Julio Tequila is produced here and each bottle features a NOM number "€� their seal of authenticity "€� signifying where the tequila was made. Unlike many other distilleries, La Primavera only produces one ultra-premium tequila, Don Julio Tequila. Each product is crafted with the same attention to detail and passion that Don Julio González embodied.


Each bottle of Don Julio Tequila is made from handpicked, 100% pure Blue Weber Agave plants from the highlands of Jalisco"€�one of the country"„¢s most fertile agave-growing regions. It is here where each agave plant is allowed to grow seven to ten years before it is harvested, resulting in the mellow, fully developed agave flavour Don Julio Tequila is known for. It is this attention to quality, craftsmanship and tradition that sets the Don Julio Tequila Brand apart from other tequilas and makes it the world"„¢s finest luxury tequila.


Don Julio"„¢s Jimadors, generation after generation, are experts in the craft of harvesting agave. They are also highly respected craftsmen in Mexico. They handpick and then uniformly hand cut the agave pencas (leaves) from the piña to increase the quality of juice.


Piñas are cut by hand into thirds or quarters and then slowly steam-cooked in traditional masonry ovens for three days to release the sweet agave juice. It takes 8 pounds of blue agave to produce one bottle of tequila.


To achieve the distinct flavours of each of our aged tequilas, each offering is aged for a different amount of time in our temperature-and-humidity-controlled white oak barrels. For example, Don Julio Reposado Tequila is aged for 8 months whereas Don Julio 1942 Tequila is aged for at least two-and-a-half years.


Using the finest blue agave plant and a time honoured distillation process, Don Julio Blanco Tequila is tequila in its truest form.

Don Julio Blanco Tequila is the base from which all of the other variants are derived. Commonly referred to as “silver"� tequila, its crisp agave flavour and hints of citrus make it an essential component to a variety of innovative drinks including margaritas. It can also be enjoyed neat or on the rocks. 100% blue agave plant. Gluten-free and Kosher.

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