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Godet Gentleman Cocktail Cognac No.1

Godet Gentleman Cocktail Cognac No.1

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Godet is a long-running, family owned Cognac house based in La Rochelle, who can trace their production history back to 1782, when 7th generation family member Gédéon Godet registered the name as a trading company.

Godet survived the Phylloxera outbreak of the mid-18th Centruy, though did have to move some of their vineyards as a result. During the Second World War, Godet was sequestered by the German forces knowing of Jacques Godet’s resistance activities. However, he saved the best bottles of their Cognac by instructing the store manager to bury the bottles in the garden!

During the 1980s, they were purchased by Grand Metropolitan (who would eventually form part of Diageo), though it was bought back during the 1990s. Godet continues to produce Cognac today, with 15th generation family member Jean Edouard Godet joining the company.

The Godet No.1 Gentleman Cocktail Cognac is a blend of 3 years old Cognac from the Fins Bois and Bons Bois regions. It was created specially to be used in cocktails, so whether you enjoy a Sidecar or a Sazerac, this should suit your tastes.

Tasting Notes
Powerful nose with fresh aromas of vanilla. The palate is herbaceous with hints of leather. Clean and crisp on the finish.

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