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Jeffersons Reserve

Jeffersons Reserve

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Founded in 1997, Jefferson"„¢s is the brainchild of Trey Zoeller and his father Chet, a famed bourbon historian. They were continuing a family tradition that goes back to Trey"„¢s 8th generation grandmother who was arrested in 1799 for the “production and sales of spirituous liquors."� To personify the brand, they chose Thomas Jefferson"€�known for his curiosity and experimental spirit. This is a mindset to which Trey has dedicated himself, pushing the boundaries of the definition of bourbon. Upholding tradition, yet always discovering new possibilities.


In 1997, when Jefferson"„¢s was first starting out, they found a 15-year-old bourbon that they immediately knew was rich, complex and needed to be brought to market. It was in 2003 that they decided to bring in other bourbons to marry with the original Jefferson"„¢s Reserve. Similar to Jefferson"„¢s, they still use over 50% of that mash bill and add up to 3 more bourbons to create more flavour and complexities. Jefferson"„¢s Reserve is a big, sophisticated bourbon that has a lot of flavour up front, a lot of weight mid palate and a deep, wonderful finish.

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