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Krohn Colheita

Krohn Colheita

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The most appreciated Ports from the Krohn house. Colheita Ports are single year Ports of a high quality level which have to be matured in wood for at least seven years. Normally they are bottled just before they leave our cellars, which may happen much later than the 7th year of age. For this reason, our Colheita Ports generally remain in wood for long or even very long periods, and acquire with time the characteristic mahogany colour of the old Tawnies, a fine and complex bouquet, a nutty character and a silky texture.

While remaining in the cask, they have to be regularly submitted to the reapproval of the Portwine Institute. On the other hand, after having been bottled their labels have to state the vintage and the year of bottling. The risk of throwing a sediment in the bottle is small, due to the long ageing in wood. Once the bottle has been opened, you have not to drink it out the same day, just stop it well, and leave it like that as long as you wish. A next time you open it, the fine aromas and flavours will still be there.

The traditional grape varieties are sourced from the Quinta do Retiro estate and neighbouring growers in the Rio Torto Valley. Here old vines are planted in schistous soils.


The 2001-2002 Viticultural year was one of the driest years on record. During the winter almost no rain fell. Besides the dry winter, the temperature was extremely cold, with the Pinhão river at Cruzeiro completely freezing over at Christmas.

Just when we were waiting for the last ripening of the grapes to occur in early September, between the 15th and 22nd, we received 70mm (4.3 Inches) of rain across the Douro. If it had not been for the perfect health of the grapes this season, the effect would have been much more damaging.

The vintage started on our Quintas from the 23rd September, and clear hot weather resulted in very good Ports being made during the two weeks until the rains returned at the beginning of October

Tasting Notes 

Ripened fruit, caramel, mocha and raisins. The taste is an explosion of plums, nuts, spices and vanilla, with a nice sweet finish. Long and full.

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