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Mackmyra Kreator Jin

Mackmyra Kreator Jin

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Mackmyra were Sweden’s first whisky distillery. The distillery is based in the beautiful Mackmyra Bruk mill in Gästrikland, Valbo, about two hours north of Stockholm and Arlanda Airport.

They create their malt whisky using selected Swedish ingredients and with no additives whatsoever. Much of the whisky has been stored in 100-litre casks, which produces an exciting, powerful ageing process. These casks are all stored in the Bodås mine, 50 metres down inside the primary rock.

This is Mackmyra’s first gin, where possible it is produced from carefully chosen, organic, Sweedish ingredients. Which have all been treated thoroughly by hand and then distilled in the classic pot-still at Mackmyra Bruk.


Dry Gin

Key Botanicals

Juniper, lime, grape, lemon, orange, coriander, cardamom, Seville orange, vanilla, pink pepper, cinnamon, ginger, elderberry, anise, lingonberry and raspberry.

Tasting Notes

Juniper and raspberry, with a hint of coriander, create a sensation of Swedish forest. The scent hints of sweet vanilla and cardamom. And with the aftertaste, we’re introduced to distinct, lingering tones of citrus.

Perfect Serve

Premium tonic garnished with lime and either fresh dill or thyme.

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