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Matsu El Recio

Matsu El Recio

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Toro has two ingredients that have always attracted the attention of Vintae's technical team. On the one hand, it is an area that traditionally has not interfered with the vineyard too much. On the other hand, there are old vineyards of extraordinary quality in the D. O. Toro.

Thanks to the climate conditions, with low humidity, and sandy soils there is no need to apply any chemical treatments to avoid diseases as other places do. This may have contributed to the tradition of respecting the pace and allowing nature to play its role. The tradition is such that there is a firm commitment to, Organic wines and, Bio-dynamic agriculture. This philosophy matches our technical team's perspective to perfection, which is led by Raul Acha, and it is one of the factors that contributed to calling their attention to this area called Toro.

So, convinced by the philosophy of respecting nature and his attraction to these extremely valuable vines, Raul Acha initiates a journey to select vineyards with aim of including Toro wines to Vintae's portfolio.

Raul Acha belongs to the current generation of a family that has been linked to the world of wine for over two centuries. Raul was born in Cardenas (La Rioja), where he has lived surrounded by vineyards since his childhood. He defines himself as a winegrower, and in his philosophy, as in his ancestors', he defends the vineyard as the main source of quality for wine.

Toro's wines have always been noted for the enormous strength and personality of the Tinta de Toro, a variety from which Raul Acha, Vintae´s winemaker, also had the intention of extracting an elegance and smoothness that would open these wines to a wider audience.

The challenge was to make Toro wines that combine the area's traditional strength and a smoothness and elegance adapted to the tastes of the current consumer.

Selection of 90 to100 year old vines of extremely limited production, naturally cultivated following the, Bio-dynamic techniques. Manual harvest that is undergone the first 15 days of the month of October.

Fermentation and maceration for a duration of 3 weeks in reinforced concrete deposits of 15,000 kg. The malolactic fermentation is realized in French oak barrels, as well as its ageing for a duration of 14 months. This wine has not been filtered and is clarified without utilizing aggressive processes.

Tasting Notes
This is a corpulent wine also having a lot of finesse, with an intense nose having notes of chocolate, black fruits and vanilla. In the mouth the taste is striking, being predominantly round and silky, very unctuous with subtle hints of the glycerine. Touches of fruits linger in the after taste as do mineral notes. This is a full body wine yet at the same time very easy to drink.

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