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Mezan Trinidad 2007

Mezan Trinidad 2007

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Distilleries old and new, some founded centuries ago, others no longer in operation; all are subject to the Mezan Cellar Master"„¢s discerning eye. He tirelessly travels throughout the region, seeking out its hidden treasures: untouched rums, artfully crafted from a single year"„¢s distillation by a single distillery. Unblended, unsweetened, uncoloured and only lightly filtered, these vintage rums represent the finest, truest expression of their producer and country of origin.

Celebrated for its golden sun, turquoise waters and gently swaying palm trees, the Caribbean is also home to one of the world"„¢s oldest and most beloved spirits: rum. For centuries, rum production has flourished among this myriad of islands and countries, creating a rich and nuanced palette of aromas and styles unique to each location, each distillery. Meticulously selected by the Cellar Master, Mezan vintage rums capture the depth and diversity of the Caribbean and offer a taste of its purest, most authentic flavours.

Once the Cellar Master has discovered a particularly exceptional rum, he sets it aside for maturation. Under his patient watch, the rum slowly ages in ex-bourbon oak casks until it has reached the height of its potential. It is then immediately bottled, one cask at a time, thereby preserving its singularity and ensuring that an unforgettable sensory experience lies within every drop of Mezan

Trinidadian rum, distilled in 2007 and bottled in 2017 by Mezan, as part of the extensive selection of tasty rums from all around the world. The spirit was fermented for 48 hours using  a daily propagated owm-recipe yeast, the ditilled in TDL's stainless steel multi-column stills. Distilled to between 80 and 95% ABV, the rum is a blend with a high proportion of ligter ditillates; it was aged in first fill American Bourbon barrels i the Caribbean and then shipped to the UK where it was vatted into new barrels which had previously held older rums.

Tasting Notes
Aromas of fresh, zingy coconit and tobacco leaf notes with some toasted oak and citrus undertones. On the palate there are notes of lemongrass, capsicum and fresh black pepper. These roll into a light spicy flavour with honey and oak on the finish.

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