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Nonino Grappa Tradizione

Nonino Grappa Tradizione

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Nonino is a small company from Friuli which produces grappas universally acknowledged as some of the best in the world. 

The story begins in 1897, when Orazio Nonino established in Ronchi di Percoto the headquarters of his distillery which up until then had only existed as a travelling activity: with his alembic on a cart, Orazio went to the individual wine producers, in one of the zones of northern Italy where winemaking has always been one of the most important activities, to distil their grape skins. Consequently, in 1897, the first real distillery was set up, with the name Nonino on the front door. 

Orazio was succeeded by his children, and the small company grew, but without ever losing its cottage industry nature, even when, in 1933, it became obligatory to bottle grappa. Up until then it had been kept in demijohns, without labels or seals, but with the law of 1933 it became necessary to indicate the contents of each bottle, the manufacturer, and the State seals. This led to the first Nonino label, the classic image of the Friuli hearth. In 1962 there was a new profound change, which coincided with the marriage of Benito Nonino, grandson of Orazio, with Giannola Bulfoni. Together they would lead the small family company to new experiences, with the objective of transforming humble grappa into a noble distallate acknowledged by connoisseurs the world over.

Tradizione is a blend of white and red grape varieties made in the traditional manner. 

Tasting Notes

Typical and elegant. Fresh and soft with typical crusty bread aromas and a touch of liquorice. The palate is spicy and fresh with a long, peppery finish.


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