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Old J Dark

Old J Dark

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Old J"„¢s rum history begins in 1740, when Admiral Edward Vernon put in place a reduction in the strength of the British Navy"„¢s rum ration. This didn"„¢t go down so well with the fleet, and to appease complaints that followed Vernon suggested the addition of limes and sugar to improve the drink - he became an accidental mixologist, and became known as Old Grog.

Old J Rum takes inspiration from and honours this suggestion, using Caribbean rum with a secret blend of spices, sugar, vanilla and Persian lime.

Old J Dark Spiced submerges their aged Gold Rum into aphotic depths, creating a tempestuous flavour that can rock the boat or calm the waters. Using the same pot-still, this pure, premium rum is crafted in the British Virgin Islands; aged in oak barrels between 12 and 24 months.

Tasting Notes
With prominent notes of salted caramel, toffee and spices - it is a dark and moody rum, whilst maintaining a splash of Admiral Vernon"„¢s trademark vanilla and Persian lime.

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