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Penny Blue XO Single Estate

Penny Blue XO Single Estate

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In 1847 Sir William Gomm was made Governor of Mauritius. His first task was to improve the Mauritian Postal system and enable Mauritius to have its own locally produced stamps.

The Governor commissioned a local engraver named Barnard to produce 500 one penny and 500 two pence postage stamps (the famous Penny Blue).

Coincidently, at that time, Lady Gomm was hosting a fancy dress ball and wanted to use the new stamps to send the invitation cards.

Honoured by his task, the engraver rushed to his work shop but forgot the wording for the left side of the stamp. He went to ask the postmaster but as he came to the building, he read “Post Office" on the shop front. Believing these were the right words for the stamp, he dashed back to his workshop to finish the design.

Just before sending the cards, the mistake was spotted. But as Lady Gomm was eager to send the invitations there was no time to re-engrave the plate with the usual “Post Paid" inscription.

From the 500 Penny Blues produced, only 12 are believed to be in existence today. In 1993, at an auction, a Penny Blue Stamp was sold for $1.4 million dollars. That makes it one of the world's most expensive stamps and one of Mauritius most iconic symbols.

Penny Blue rums are famed for their smooth, fruity complexity and as a real expression of its Mauritian terroir. Distilled in column stills, our Penny Blue rum collection is drier in style and less syrupy than Caribbean rum. The rum is completely natural in colour and never chill filtered, in order to preserve the heart of the rum in its truest form.

Created in small batches, each one with its own personality, Penny Blue XO rum is matured on the estate and is, by definition, rare and finite. Every batch is unique although there is continuity in overall style to retain the rich, smooth, fruity complexity that makes this single estate Rum a real expression of its Mauritian terroir.

Tasting Notes
Aromas of tropical fruits, hints of eucalyptus and wood spice, citrus and vanilla. Nicely textured and succulent palate with some balancing wood spice dryness to the finish.

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