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Sandford Orchards Dry Hopped Cider 330ml Can

Sandford Orchards Dry Hopped Cider 330ml Can

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Ground in vivid, red soil; crisscrossed by ancient orchards and bound by its own microclimate, this lush green corner of Devon is the finest place on earth to grow cider apples. Sandford Orchards only select apples grown within 30 miles of our press.

This is cider made properly. With learnings taken from the traditional Devonshire cider makers of yesteryear tailored into techniques for the modern era. Sandford"„¢s cider is naturally fermented from freshly pressed juice with no concentrates, no artificial flavours or aromas.

Good cider needs time to develop.  Every pint of Sandford Orchards is blended from cider matured between 6 months and 3 years, to develop the rich, smooth complexity that makes our cider special.

St Louis Dry Hopped

Devon Cider Infused With U.S. Hops

Born out of a chance meeting between our cider maker and godfather of US craft brewing Dan Kopman of Schlafly Brewery. St Louis Dry Hopped is a craft Devon cider expertly infused with Ella and Willamette hops. An enticing floral and citrus aroma leads to a light, refreshing palate with a clean hoppy finish.

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