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Simon Hackett Old Vine Grenache

Simon Hackett Old Vine Grenache

Simon Hackett is a renowned winemaker in Australia. Old vines tend to give you much more mineral-rich wines because the roots go very, very deep searching out water and minerals as the vine ages. So you are getting a wine that's got ancient minerals in it. Grenache is a naturally spicy wine, therefore you are getting all of the spicy minerals. Old Vine Grenache is a good wine to go for. The aromas are quite spicy. There is lots and lots of black pepper in there and that carries right through to the taste.

Tasting Notes
Whiffs of plump summer sweet berry and cherry, with softer juicy strawberry notes. Floral lift adds complexity and roundness to the nose. Bright, up-beat entry of layers of plush ripe berry fruits soften the palate. Firm acid plus toasty vanilla and oak structuring the background. The wine is happily fruit dominated and sun drenched. It fills the corners of the mouth with light fruitiness.

Excellent with stews and casseroles as well as pizza and pasta dishes, also good with hard cheeses.

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