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Takamaka St. Andre

Takamaka St. Andre

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Deep in the Trois Fréres Distillery, Takamaka rum is blended, spiced and aged in a uniquely Seychelles way by the D"„¢Offay family.

Their organic sugarcane is grown in four different regions of Mahé by an independent cooperative of farmers. Once harvested it is crushed on site at La Plaine St André.

They ferment in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks. Distillation takes place in three copper stills, two pot stills for flavour and a rectifying column for purity.

The aged rums are matured in French and American oak barrels, resulting in a soothing of the spirit as it rests under our unique tropical climate.

These estate-produced barrels are then expertly blended with some of the finest aged rums, local essences and water sourced from the Vallée for its high mineral content. The result is a luxurious rum, unique to the Seychelles.

Inspired by the rich heritage of its home, La Plaine St. André, this premium rum is a labour of love, aged for 8 years in American oak. 

Tasting Notes
Gently filtered to preserve notes of vanilla, marmalade and oak with a touch of spice, beautifully integrated for a luxurious texture. 

Enjoy Takamaka St André on the rocks or neat for a smooth, lingering finish to your day.


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