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Talisker Sky 57% North

Talisker Sky 57% North

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On the shores of Loch Harport, the village of Carbost is home to SkyeХs only distillery producing a wonderfully powerful and award-winning Island malt bottled at above average strength. Talisker's soft, peaty process water is drawn from 21 underground springs that rise from Hawk Hill (Cnoc nan Speirag) beside the distillery. These same springs have fed Talisker from the beginning.

As its name suggests, the hill is home to birds of prey, usually including Peregrines. Today, 20,000 gallons an hour of cooling water from the fast-running Carbost Burn fill a traditional Talisker feature Р five wooden worm tubs, located outside the still house. Talisker's two wash stills, carefully recreated after a still house fine in 1960 which gutted the distillery, are unique. The lye pipes leading off from the main neck are U-shaped, to trap vapours from the first distillation before they reach the outside worm tubs, whilst a small secondary copper pipe carries the vapours so trapped back to the wash stills for a second distillation. Faithfully following the original design, it is believed that this double distillation ensures that all of Talisker's rich, deep character is captured first time. So there is, indeed, nothing withdrawn or reserved about Talisker - a fact confirmed for visitors whose first experience before they take the distillery tour, is a taste of the malt itself. Talisker embodies all the spirit of this rocky, storm-lashed island and its strong, steadfast people. Skye's only distillery this may be, but like the men of the island the malt has character enough for ten.

A cask strength bottling from the Talisker distillery, bearing no age statement. This was named for the Isle of Skye sits on the line of latitude 57 Degrees North. This beautifully release from Talisker boasts huge flavour in the weighty 57.0% ABV.

Tasting Notes
The nose is very pungent and full. Notes of sour citrus develop with rich peat smoke. Hints of peppered oak and notes of sea spray pounding stones and a little kelp. The palate is thick and full. Creamy manuka honey and lemon juice, notes of peppered oak and spice, a little butter perhaps and plenty of dry wood. The finish is long with black pepper and oak.

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