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Wint & Lila London Dry Gin

Wint & Lila London Dry Gin

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In Cadiz, April the 25th 1645, Juan de Wynt and Sweerts (Knight of the Calatrava Order) and Margarita de Lila Blanco, both of Flemish-origin, were dedicated to the maritime trading between Spain and America. With their union, one of the best Sea Carrier Companies was built.

Juan de Wynt and Carlos de Lila and Van Thune (Margarita’s father), belonged to one of the families from Diest (Duchy of Brabante), where the Wynts had the Dolincohen Castle, and due to the religious wars back in the times of Alexandre de Farnesio, he was forced to defect to Yprés city.

Through this company, they trade a great deal of liquors from the traditional distilleries that existed in the Guadalquivir Valley back then. 

Wint & Lila, manufactured by Casalbor Wines&Spirits in El Puerto de Santa María, Cadiz (Spain), is a 200-year-old well-known distillery.

It counts with seven different little stills, having each one of them its own personality and contributing with different tints, which enable them to make little ‘tailored-distilleries’.

These are done without direct fire over the stills, using the “Bain-Marie” system. This way, you can get a more delicate and slower process, where the different botanical essences are extracted without being altered. After it’s been done, they’re -let to rest- during several weeks, before doing the ‘coupage’ (cutoff) between them and add them the purified water.

Wint & Lila is afterwards bottled and with a customized cork, which emulates the pharmacists of the ancient bottles back then.

Throughout its process, a complex five-distillery-technique, ten botanicals are combined : juniper berry, coriander, angelica, angelica roots, cinnamon, orange peel, lemon and lime, mint and orange blossom. 

Tasting Notes
Mild and complex scents, outlining the conjunction of juniper with the freshness of mint and orange blossom; soft and oily palate, refreshing with a subtle herbaceous and citric aftertaste.

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