KIRKYS CHINESE MENU - Summer Showcase 2023

Latitude Summer Showcase 

Kirky's Chinese Menu

Pork and spring onion wontons (5) with quick pickled apple & lime.
Try with Riesling or other aromatic whites.
Mushroom and potato wontons (5) with sesame & chilli oil. (veggie)
Try with Pinot Noir or other light reds.
Chinese BBQ beetroot bao. (vegan)
Try with Malbec or Syrah.
£4.50 for 1 
£8 for 2
Red soy braised chicken with tomato & cherry bao.
Try with Sangiovese or Rhone reds.
£4.50 for 1 
£8 for 2
Ginger and spring onion noodles. (vegan)
Try with Gewürztraminer or other aromatic whites.
Sweet red bean and cherry brownie.
Try with Port or other sweet wines.
These wine pairings are just suggestions, we would love to hear other peoples’ pairing ideas!