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Berneroy VSOP

Berneroy VSOP

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In September 1944, Michel Camus of the eponymous cognac house began working with a company called Blanchard & Cie., which created the Berneroy brand as part of a range of spirits to be sold by Camus. Later on, the company changed its name to Berneroy & CIE., and it was finally purchased by Camus in the 1970s.

Top-quality cider apples from the finest independent orchards in Normandy are grown the traditional way, picked at the peak of ripeness, then washed, sorted, crushed, pressed, and naturally fermented to dryness(5-6% alc./vol.).

This freshly made, highly aromatic dry cider is distilled using a continuous column still to concentrate and enhance its lively apple character. The resulting crystal-clear spirit is then patiently aged under the Master Blender's watchful eye in French oak barrels for several years.

Calvados Berneroy is aged exclusively in old wood to preserve its genuine aromatic intensity and to avoid an over-oaked taste. Over time, its distinctive aroma of fresh apples evolves to develop more complex aromas of butter, vanilla, baked apple and liquorice.

Through the subtle art of blending, the Master Blender then combines eaux-de-vie of various ages and characteristics to ensure a consistent House style and to create the superb Berneroy Calvados range.

A rich and fruity Calvados from Berneroy, aged in Limousin oak for 8 years.

Tasting Notes
Good ripe apple characteristics on the nose with rich, vanilla notes. Complex and layered palate with flavours of apples and spice. Slight toffee, butter and caramel notes developing. Soft, smooth and quite long finish.

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