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Circle of Life Red

The Waterkloof Estate was founded in 2004, ending Paul Boutinot's persistent and uncompromising 10 year search for a vineyard site with the potential to produce truly fine wine with a defining sense of origin. Located on the south-facing slopes of Schapenberg Hill near Somerset in the Stellenbosch district of the Western Cape's Coastal Region, Waterkloof shares its magnificent Atlantic views with free-roaming peacocks and other natural fauna and flora attracted to this haven. Certified by Demeter in Vintage_2015, their vineyards are of only a few in the Cape to boast official Bio-dynamic approval and status. The estate has 56 hectares under vine and Tim Atkin's Cape Classification currently ranks Waterkloof as 5th Growth level. With production around 165,000 bottles per year, Waterkloof make “honest wines"� from their unique Bio-dynamic coastal site. Respect for nature, traditional winemaking practices and minimal intervention are all key to their success.

The Waterkloof portfolio consists of: Waterkloof, Circumstance, Circle of Life, Seriously Cool and False Bay.

Working with nature allows Waterkloof to experience its natural cycle every year. Vines awaken from their rest in spring, growing and producing fruit until the next winter when they go to sleep again. This cycle is also evident through the Bio-dynamic practices that we follow at Waterkloof. Circle of Life is inspired by this cycle that exists not only on Waterkloof soil, but life in general. Focus over the last 6 years has always been to get a better understanding of Waterkloof and the individual characters of its vineyards. They discovered that vineyards from different parts of Waterkloof produced wines that were stylistic very different. They have always tried to allow the Peacock Ridge and Circumstance wines vineyards to express their individuality. Rather than following a certain style, for example a Bordeaux blend, we blended a wine that we feel represents Waterkloof. The unique blend consists of MerlotSyrah & Petit Verdot as the three main varieties.

Waterkloof mainly rely on tasting the grapes to determine the optimum stage of flavour development. Grapes are picked early in the morning when they are still cool, which helps to preserve the flavours. Bordeaux varietals are destemmed and Rhone varietals are, depending on the ripeness level of the stems, whole bunch fermented. All the red wines are fermented in open top wooden fermenters with punch downs a maximum of twice a day. The wine will stay on the skins for 30 to 40 days before being pressed. All the wines are fermented naturally without the addition of cultivated yeast.

Tasting Notes
A hugely compelling wine. Deeply refined single estate expression showing bounds of character, finesse, length, breadth and structure - it really does have it all! The plan is obviously coming together as this vintage is the most successful expression their originally planned vineyard blend and is a testament to Bio-dynamic viticulture. A classically styled wine with notes of cassis and cedar. The seamless, elegant palate is encased by fine tannins. It is a wine whose flavours become more complex if the wine is allowed to aerate for a while and that will also increase in complexity with age.

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