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Circumstance Sauvignon Blanc

Circumstance Sauvignon Blanc

The Waterkloof Estate was founded in 2004, ending Paul Boutinot's persistent and uncompromising 10 year search for a vineyard site with the potential to produce truly fine wine with a defining sense of origin. Located on the south-facing slopes of Schapenberg Hill near Somerset in the Stellenbosch district of the Western Cape's Coastal Region, Waterkloof shares its magnificent Atlantic views with free-roaming peacocks and other natural fauna and flora attracted to this haven. Certified by Demeter in Vintage_2015, their vineyards are of only a few in the Cape to boast official Bio-dynamic approval and status. The estate has 56 hectares under vine and Tim Atkin's Cape Classification currently ranks Waterkloof as 5th Growth level. With production around 165,000 bottles per year, Waterkloof make “honest wines"� from their unique Bio-dynamic coastal site. Respect for nature, traditional winemaking practices and minimal intervention are all key to their success.

The Waterkloof portfolio consists of: Waterkloof, Circumstance, Circle of Life, Seriously Cool and False Bay.

Circumstance Sauvignon Blanc is produced from the windswept southwest facing, low- yielding slopes of Schaapenberg Hill. Strong winds churn up the vineyards regularly. We use Organic and Bio-dynamic methods based on old world Sustainable practices in our vineyards to ensure that the vines are nourished and in balance. Our soils are free of chemicals and are kept healthy by using plant extracts, fungi and bacteria from our home-made compost. These traditional methods ensure a balanced vine with low production and intense flavours. The vineyards are about 5 kilometres from the ocean, and are planted at a height of between 270 and 300 meters above sea level. The soils are of sandstone origin with medium-sized stones, helping with drainage and also with moisture retention. The vineyards are an average age of 17 years. Production was approximately 5 t/ha.

The winemaking philosophy is the same for all our premium white wines from Waterkloof. We follow a traditional, minimalistic approach which means that we interfere as little as possible with the winemaking process. This allows the flavours prevalent in that specific vineyard to be expressed. To achieve this goal, all grapes are whole bunch pressed, ensuring that we extract the juice in the gentlest way possible. The juice is then allowed to settle for 24 hours. Yeasts occurring on the grapes are allowed to ferment the juice, this leads to a longer fermentation with a slow release of aromas and a more structured palate. We also do not add acid or any enzymes during the process and a only light filtration was used prior to bottling.

Tasting Notes
Crushed laurel on the nose with more than a nuance of residual seaside salt. This has a big and textured palate with stone fruit and fennel hints, it is rich and minerally, showing even a slight rocky quality about it. As bracing as the wind through the vines at Waterkloof.

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