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Ciu Ciu Baccus Rosso Piceno

Ciu Ciu Baccus Rosso Piceno

The farm was established in 1970 in Contrada Ciafone (Offida area) and is under now the direction of the Bartolomei brothers, Massimiliano and Walter who make their wines using, Organic viticulture.

So-named because the current owner's great grandfather worked for the local railway company, this 150-hectare, Organic estate was established in 1970 in Contrada Ciafone, on the Adriatic coast of Le Marche and is now under the direction of brothers Massimiliano and Walter Bartolomei. The vineyards lie among the rolling hills of the countryside in Le Marche's Offida region where the proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, combined with 300m of altitude create a unique micro-climate which ensures exceptional growing conditions. This juicy red comes from vines grown in the heart of the Rosso Piceno production area and is a 50/50 blend of Sangiovese and Montepulciano. Best drunk young and can be chilled.

Bacchus is the God of wine also known as Dioniso. He was son of Zeus and brother of Apollo and use to have an equally as important task, which is to pour wine during their dines and bacchanalias.

Wine Making

Grapes are harvested in the mid of September (Sangiovese first) and immediately (15-20 mins) chilled with CO2 at -20° C. Then we destem the grapes and bring the clusters inside a fridge that drops down their temperature to 4°C. By doing this they make sure that first of all grapes are kept healthy without using sulphites, second their skins are kind of burnt by the extreme cold so that it takes just a very soft pressure to crash them and make them release their flavour (0.2 bar it's our max) and last but not least once the fermentation starts the most is already cold and doesn't need to be chilled.

The maceration and fermentation take place in a rotofermentor, for approx. 30 days at low controlled temperature (15°C). Rotofermentor is a tank which instead of standing vertical as most of the tanks, lays horizontal. This allows the skin to spread across a larger surface and expose them to a bigger quantity of must. It therefore takes shorter time to have the concentration of colour and flavor needed and this keeps the alcohol at lower levels and the tannins smooth.

Tasting Notes

A vibrant ruby-red in colour with purple hints. On the nose, notes of cherry and strawberry with a hint of liquorice. On the palate, dense and chewy with a surprisingly fresh acidity. The tannins are light and the finish crisp, making this a great food wines with ossobuco alla Milanese, dimsum and pork dumplings or game pie.

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