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If you're familiar with your periodic table (don't worry - this isn't a test) then you'll know that the 29th element is copper. Element 29 Vodka claim that copper is what sets its vodka apart, hence the fun, but quirky name.

Copper isn't the sole influencer on the character of Element 29, however. This brand is like so many others from the spirit-making world who appreciate the importance of local ingredients, traditional distillation techniques and modern innovation. The basis of the vodka is starch-rich winter wheat harvested from East Anglia, which is mashed, malted and fermented to a strong malt liquor. The liquor is then gently heated in a state-of-the-art tower still, where distillation occurs a minimum of seven times until absolute purity is achieved.

This spirit is then extracted from the tower and sent to the venerable Langley distillery, to the John Dore, hand-hammered, copper pot still (who's name is Angela), the oldest still of its type used today. After distillation, the heart of the spirit run is separated from the head and the tails, which are are rejected. There is no further filtration and refining once the heart of the spirit run is obtained, which is then cut to bottling strength using Sussex spring water.

The spirit of Element 29 vodka is not the only component of the brand that benefits from innovative, specialist techniques and processes. As one of the Sustainable Spirit Co's leading brands, Element 29 is one of a number of high quality spirits the company has produced to be environmentally friendly through green innovation since 2012.

Using a unique Eco-refill concept, a bar or restaurant can order refills of its products, and instead of receiving new bottles, an 8.4L "Eco-Pouch" reservoirs is sent, which reduces packaging by 95%, cuts transported weight by 45% and transport volume by 63%. Refills can also be sold for a fraction of the cost of the original supply, and since 2017, this method has saved 170,652 bottles from being thrown away and boasts carbon dioxide savings of 107,510kg.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Creamy caramel aromas. Buttery and inviting.

Palate: A sweet, soft, supple mouth-feel with hints of malt, a little spice and custard.

Finish: Creamy, soft finish.

Vintages: Important Note

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Please note: Vintages may vary. If you require a specific vintage please contact us in advance to check.

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