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Old J Spiced Rum

Old J Spiced Rum

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Old J"„¢s rum history begins in 1740, when Admiral Edward Vernon put in place a reduction in the strength of the British Navy"„¢s rum ration. This didn"„¢t go down so well with the fleet, and to appease complaints that followed Vernon suggested the addition of limes and sugar to improve the drink - he became an accidental mixologist, and became known as Old Grog.

Old J Rum takes inspiration from and honours this suggestion, using Caribbean rum with a secret blend of spices, sugar, vanilla and Persian lime.

Admiral Vernon's Old J Spiced Rum is a premium spirit made with Caribbean rum from Trinidad and Barbados. Blended with spices, sweet vanilla and Persian lime, it took over sixty trials before the right mix of ingredients was found and the smooth and spicy flavour profile was born.

Tasting Notes
Soft hint of lime surrounds a good hit of sweet vanilla on the nose and carries onto the palate. Nice warming with a good dose of vanilla and a growing spice as it develops during a very long offering. A little dry near the end.

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