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Peychauds Aperitivo

Peychauds Aperitivo

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Peychaud's creator, Antoine Amedee Peychaud, arrived in New Orleans as a refugee in 1795 after his father was forced to flee San Domingo (in the now Dominican Republic), where his family owned a coffee plantation, after the slaves rebelled.

Antoine grew up to be a pharmacist and in 1834 opened his own drug and apothecary store where he created an 'American Aromatic Bitter Cordial' which he marketed as a medicinal tonic. Antoine served his bitters mixed with brandy and other liquors.

After a successful newspaper advertising campaign, many bars in New Orleans served drinks prepared with these bitters. One such bar was the Sazerac Coffee House. It was here that in 1858 a bartender called Leon Lamothe is thought to have created the 'Sazerac' cocktail.

A delighful and refreshing apértif, new for 2016. As the lead bartender of the Sazerac Coffeehouse, in New Orleans, Antoine Peychaud was at his best mixing simple cocktails using his Peychaud"„¢s Bitters. It is this belief in simplicity and quality that serves as the basis for Peychaud"„¢s Aperitivo.

Tasting Notes

Peychaud"„¢s is a complex balance of bitter orange, grapefruit sherbet and caramelised cherries, balanced with light, fragrant, herbal notes.

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