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Domaine Michel Magnien Morey-Saint-Denis

Domaine Michel Magnien Morey-Saint-Denis

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Frédéric Magnien is an alchemist of the Côte d'Or' Climats, combining talent and terroir. Alongside his fortunate destiny as a winemaker, heir to the Domaine Michel MAGNIEN, Frédéric MAGNIEN guides his eponymous company among the Grands Crus of the Côte de Nuits.

In a holistic spirit, Frédéric made the audacious choice in 2010, to conduct a viticulture Biodynamic. This philosophy, in total adequacy with the Burgundy terroirs, brings to the wine a quality always more accomplished. Here nature presides, the vine grower accompanies it; we drink the expression of their harmony.

After years of application, Domaine Michel Magnien is certified in biodynamic by Demeter. At each stage, our work follows the rhythm of the synodic cycle of the moon. We are fully committed to organic agricultural principles in our management of vines and wines.

Thanks to Michel Magnien's special care for his vines over the years, the wines are unique and faithful to the best terroirs in Burgundy. Our Estate is now managed by Frédéric, the fifth generation, who strives to raise our wines at the highest level of quality.


Organic and biodynamic viticulture is often - and erroneously - confused. They have in common to use no chemical input. However, if the organic viticulture maintains the life in a natural way in the ground; the biodynamic method stimulates it and revivifies soils. Beyond a natural work without pesticides or insecticides, the biodynamic culture is a global approach which works on the valuation of the ground and the vine in its natural environment.

The biodynamy strengthens the vitality and the resistance of plants, by improving the natural exchanges between the ground and the roots on one hand, and between the sky and the plant on the other hand. This method expresses itself by two characteristics: the use of specific preparations in the vine and the consideration of moon phases.

The biodynamic method aims at revitalizing and at intensifying the organic life in the environment where the vine lives. This process has the effect of giving more life to the grounds on which take root and increase vines to reveal the expression of the Burgundy soils in their just translation. The biodynamie so allows a better connection between the plant and the ground. This exchange offers quality grapes and as will be the wine.

The cosmic phase of the biodynamic viticulture allows the plant to strengthen and to energize itself thanks to the natural powers rather than to work it against its nature. The Moon, a strong influence on liquids in particular on sap of vines, brings rhythm each step of Frédéric Magnien's in the diapason of its cycles.

The rare quality of Frédéric Magnien's wines lives in the respect of the cosmic elements, the meticulous observation of plants and the listening of the soil. Each bottle translates with loyalty the purity of appellations, the passion of the vine, and the influence of the natural elements thanks to the biodynamic principles.


First mentioned as far back as 1120, fourteenth century Morey was a place of asylum for Cistercian monks who appeared to have possessed numerous vineyards and even a winery by 1306. The appellation extends from Chambolle-Musigny to Gevrey-Chambertin and covers around 148 hectares, 80% of which are planted with grapes for red wines. This 100% Pinot Noir wine is a blend of grapes from vineyard plots. This Morey-Saint-Denis contain grapes from "Clos Solon", "Chenevery", "Crais" and "Cognées", which bring it great quality.

Tasting Notes

Morey St Denis is an often overlooked area in the Côtes de Nuits but the wines made here can be as good as anywhere else in the region. This example from top producer Rion Freres & Soeurs is a bold and rebust style of Pinot Noir that offers great complexity and depth that some wines at a higher price would fail to reach. This is a ripe, aromatic wine with soft tannins and rich, succulent fruit.

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