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Rock Rose Gin

Rock Rose Gin

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Dunnet Bay Distillery was established in 2014 by husband and wife team, Martin and Claire Murray, along with their trusty four legged companion George (who sadly died in 2016 though his name lives on in the gins and vodka produced by Rock Rose).

Rock Rose Gin is made at the Dunnet Bay Distillery all the way up in Caithness, right on the Northern tip of Scotland, a place renowned for world class surf if you can face the ice cold tides. This very northerly gin features an alluring botanical selection including locally harvested Rhodiola Rosea, Rowan Berries, Sea Buckthorn, Blaeberries, Verbena, Coriander Seed, Cardamom and Juniper from two different countries - Italy and Bulgaria. They use a traditional copper pot still, which of course has a name (it's Elizabeth). Elizabeth is one of the only British made stills in use by gin distillers anywhere in the U.K.


Dry Gin

Key Botanicals

The couple use 18 botanicals, of which 5 are grown locally. Juniper berries, rhodiola rosea, rowan berries, sea buckthorn, blaeberries, verbena, coriander seed, and cardamom.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Delicate bouquet of rose, mixed with deeper cardamom and a touch of citrus fused into a mouth watering mix.

Palate: Fruity berries merge with the floral nose to give a full-bodied, rounded gin. Bright, slightly sour notes ping as the juniper comes to the fore alongside a warming heat. There is depth and character a plenty with all the flavours that surround the piney core working in harmony.

Finish: Crisp citrus, leafy eucalyptus elements, light florals and a resinous underbelly.

Perfect Serve

Premium tonic garnished with an orange twist & a sprig of rosemary.

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