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Sokol Blosser Evolution Red

Sokol Blosser Evolution Red

Since its introduction by Dundee, Oregon-based Sokol Blosser Winery in 1998, Evolution has evolved into something of a phenomenon. Its fan base gives meaning to the word "loyal" and is spread all over North America, Europe and Asia. At the time, there were very few white blends on the market, and Evolution tapped into the niche that would become an important segment of the wine business. As word spread and Evolution made the rounds, it enjoyed extraordinary popularity. The packaging and the price have attracted drinkers more interested in great tasting wine, affordability and having a good time than trying to impress friends at the next dinner party. 

Their goal is to make a wine that appears simple - easy drinking, relaxing - but in reality is quite complex. Producing a proprietary blend like Evolution is a combination of art and science. People always joke around, asking whether we created this blend on purpose or if we just blended leftovers and it happened to work. That's where we got the idea of "Luck vs. Intention" that is used on the label. 

For years, Evolution White lovers asked for a red counterpart and they fulfilled that dream in Vintage_2012 with the release of Evolution Big Time Red. The Evolution family has continued to grow and evolve with the addition of Brut Sparkling and Willamette Valley Pinot Noir.

Tasting Notes
This blend is complex, big, juicy and nothing short of exquisite with SangioveseMontepulcianoSyrah and a splash of Evolution Lucky No. 9. This big time blend reveals flavors of black cherry and currants, with a hint of savoriness, and has a finish that's long and juicy. Well worth the wait.

This wine is a friend to grilled meats, Italian red sauce dishes, pizza and even a fine ratatouille.

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