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Sono Montenidoli Vernaccia di San Gimignano

Sono Montenidoli Vernaccia di San Gimignano

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Sergio and Elisabetta came to Montenidoli in 1965, where they made their home and raised a family. When their family had grown and flown the nest, Sergio, a former teacher, decided to focus his attention on the abandoned vineyards surrounding their home.

The vines were overgrown with brambles and olive trees, following their abandonment by local farmers in the early 1900's due to war and industrial development in the near-by citeis.

But Elisabetta had the land in her blood, thanks to her family, which had cultivated vines and olive trees in Custozza, not far from Verona, since the 1700s, and also thanks to her childhood, spent wandering the vineyards of Valpolicella. Following her family traditions, they respected the land, cultivating it with exclusively, Dietary Requirement_Organic methods. Sulfur and copper are the only substances used to fight parasites, and only if absolutely necessary, because they believe sunlight and clean air to be the best medicine to make the vines healthy, strong, and resistant to disease and bad weather.

The vineyards multiplied, planted to the indigenous varietals: Vernaccia, san Gimignano's historic white grapeSangioveseCanaioloTrebbiano Gentile, and Malvasia Bianca -- The traditional grapes of Chianti. The first wine was born in a great vintage -- 1971.

At MontenidoliVernaccia has always been considered the red of white wines, because of its body, the climate from which it springs, and its age worthiness.

Following local tradition, the must macerates long on the skins, and is pressed just before the fermentation begins, to capture the character and the flavours of the land.

Tasting Notes
Pale yellow, tending towards gold, with hay and almonds on the nose, and rich on the palate, with a firm dry finish.

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