Enate Tapas Tempranillo

Enate Tapas Tempranillo

Enate and art, they almost rhyme which is, perhaps, no coincidence, come together at a lofty point: the desire to create. When it began in 1992, the winery decided that the pairing of winemaking and contemporary culture would be an essential feature of its character. It was a tricky challenge from a business point of view as well as from an artistic perspective, but it was an undisputed triumph and was copied by others. The concept was a winner: the excellence of an idea is obvious once someone, in this case Enate, has been brave enough to work it out.

It was, in fact, a desire to create. In the same way as a winery is unthinkable without wine, Enate accepted art as the very essence of its identity. The two concepts begin together and mutually enrich one another. Human beings are, essentially, creators of one kind or another and we naturally love the pleasures of life. In 1992, Enate made a formal commitment to pairing the two concepts, contrasting the almost mathematical expertise of a winemaker with the unpredictability of artists inspired by winemaking. Today, Enate is both a winery and a museum. It is both a wine shop and an art gallery and its character has been formed in the excellence of both. Its barrels and walls sum up the great wines of Spain, inhabited by the genius of the great Spanish and international creators.


All Enate's plots are in municipalities belonging to the D.O. Somontano in the province of Huesca. Somontano's special conditions mean it is an excellent place for vine-growing, due to a big temperature difference between day and night during the ripening of the grapes (which ensures slow ripening), sandy loam texture of the soil which is permeable to water, pure water from the melting of the snow in the Pyrenees.


The grapes were destemmed and lightly crushed and the must was then fermented at 24ºC in stainless steel tanks. Once malolactic fermentation was complete the wine was clarified and stabilised preserving its youthful character to the full.

Tasting Notes

Rich in subtle touches, with the presence of berries (blackberries, cherries) together with notes of strawberry caramel and liquorice. Flavourful tannins blend with fresh acidity to give it a soft, rounded feel. A creamy, lactic finish.

It is the perfect accompaniment to Spanish tapas such as cod croquettes, black pudding and black rice without forgetting cold fish dishes and pasta.

Vintages: Important Note

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Vintages may vary. If you require a specific vintage please contact us in advance to check.


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Please note: Vintages may vary. If you require a specific vintage please contact us in advance to check.

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