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Hampden Estate Pure Jamaican Rum

Hampden Estate Pure Jamaican Rum

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This renowned distillery is located in the Trelawny Parish in the north west of Country_Jamaica, an area historically representing the grand cru of Country_Jamaican rum, characterized by an incredible biodiversity.

Hampden Estate has been in continuous operation since its founding in 1753, making it one of the oldest estates in the Caribbean.

It has maintained the same production methods and techniques for the last two centuries, such as the use of its own spring water, prolonged fermentation time with wild yeasts, tropical ageing, no added colorants and sugar, and distillation exclusively in pot stills.

With these Pure Country_Jamaican Single Rums, Master Distiller Vivian Wisdom has created the very first aged distillery releases from Hampden Estate in 265 years, which both celebrate the uniqueness of Country_Jamaican rum production and present Hampden to the World Stage. A world premiere.

This rum is the perfect all-rounder, a fantastic full bodied sipping rum that also lends itself to bringing depth and complexity to mixed drinks. Aged for a minimum of 7 years in the tropics after a long, natural fermentation, this blend of 100% traditional Pot Still marks is characterised by a high ester profile and tropical notes.

A well-balanced and tasty blend of ripe fruit, spices, and phenolic aromas. Affirming an authentic and natural character, Hampden Estate 46% is a proud representative of Pure Single Country_Jamaican Rums.

Tasting Notes
Pineapple, passion fruit and new-car leather. Candied and jellied fruit notes develop: papaya, guava, lime, Seville orange, blood orange and nectarine. Banana and toasted spice notes build, with prominent clove notes. The spice and bananas lead: creamy banana pie with a generous dusting of ground clove and cinnamon. The banana remains as apples and pineapples roll in. Dark and weight oily notes sneak in behind. Cinnamon spice and sweet banana fade to reveal apple jam and mint.

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