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Plantation O.F.T.D Overproof

Plantation O.F.T.D Overproof

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In 1989 Alexander Gabriel discovers Maison Ferrand, one of the oldest spirit brands in the Cognac region. The reputation of the House is indisputable but sales are lagging. An immediate crush grabs hold and Alexandre Gabriel dives in with exuberance to the details and craft of Cognac production. 

Travel follows passion and soon Alexandre Gabriel is creating a dedicated distribution network of equally passionate partners. He builds on his values and vision for the House. Twenty years later, most of his founding team are still together. 

The 1990s see Alexandre Gabriel combing the Caribbean in search of the best rums of the region. Plantation is born: an artisanal range of rums from the great terroirs of the tropics. Fifteen years of dedicated rum-making later, in 2012, Alexandre is awarded Master Blender in the “World"„¢s Best"� rum awards and wins the prestigious Golden Barrel Award.

Today, President and Owner of Maison Ferrand, Alexandre Gabriel has won praise across the category and industry. Focusing on three major spirits that represent the passion and vision of Maison Ferrand: Grande Champagne Cognac Pierre Ferrand, Artisanal Citadelle Gin, and Plantation “Grands Terroirs"�: authentic spirits that express the individual terroirs that made them. 

A resourceful manager, Alexandre Gabriel decides to sell some of his cognac casks to other producers, notably rum producers. The Caribbean and Latin American are now on his radar. Soon the region reveals dozens of unique and fascinating rum expressions that captivate the rum-maker"„¢s attention. Each island brings its own discoveries.

“I love authentic products that express the personality of the land that grew them. 

I find the diversity fascinating, exuberating. The joy of tasting the best rums right out of the still from one island to the next is blissful. The degrees of fermentation and distillation are always unique. And this is where I saw an opportunity ! I wondered (and could taste) what my team and I could do with such varying distillations. At that moment I knew in my heart that we could perfect the methods of aging in wood casks that we knew so well from producing Cognac. Voila, the idea for Plantation is launched."� 

In the Caribbean, the plantation with its “Grand House"� holding court in the heart of the estate is a mystical place. In this magical place, on the island of Barbados in the early 17th century, rum is born.

Alexandre Gabriel now spends several months a year in the Caribbean combing for treasure:  the best rum barrels he can find. His efforts have paid off generously in the partnerships he has forged with equally passionate local producers. He has nurtured lasting relationships with the best Caribbean distilleries. The range of Plantation rum honors the softness of Barbados, Guyana, Grenada"¦ evoking the great epic of exotic and adventurous maritime commerce that ruled the day.

O.F.T.D is the newest offering from Plantation Rums and is the replacement for the Original Dark Overproof. The new offering is a blend of rums. The label says Country_Jamaica, Guyana, and Barbados, coming in at a high octane 69%. Although the main label doesn"„¢t explicitly say “Old Fashioned Traditional Dark,"� a sticker on the label says “Old Fashioned Traditional Dark"�. However, there"„¢s an alternative meaning (Oh f*$k that's delicious!).

The eye-catching label tells the story of a rogue"„¢s gallery of well-known rum and Tiki celebrities who came together to influence its taste and character. From the bar world: Jeff Berry, Author and co-owner of Latitude 29 (New Orleans), Martin Cate, Author and co-owner of Smuggler"„¢s Cove and Whitechapel (San Francisco), Paul McFadyen, Co-owner of Trailer Happiness (London) and brand ambassador for Cognac Ferrand, Paul McGee, Co-owner of Lost Lake (Chicago), Scotty Schuder, Co-owner of Dirty Dick (Paris), and joined by David Wondrich, Cocktail historian and author and Alexandre Gabriel "€œ Master blender for Cognac Ferrand and Plantation Rums

Tasting Notes
Bursting with caramel cream, chocolate, and vanilla notes. It continues on with cinnamon, raisins, nutmeg, oak, and molasses with smoky accents.

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