Psst, want a sneak peak of our new home? - Latitude Wine & Liquor Merchant

Psst, want a sneak peak of our new home?

It's April, where are we at? Well our vague opening date remains vague and we're glad about that. Wiggle room is the key with new venue openings. While we'd like to tell you exactly when we will be moving in, the simple answer is we're still figuring that out. We are approaching this like a fine wine and taking our time. Latitude is not, and will never be Nouveau.

But here's the skinny, the floor has been laid and the paint has dried. That means the next step is installing 36 meters of shelving. I know you're wondering what the shelving at the arch adds up to. 29m... and we've got an entire extra layer of shelves*... So that's fun. The bar layout has been planned out and the back bar tiles are up, it's all very lovely.

That's about all there is to tell you at the moment other than the new staff start on tuesday, so we will start training them on how this intricate machine works and they will start writing the cocktail menu! What's your favourite classic cocktail? Maybe we will include it.

All the best,

Max and the gang.

*For the nerds, an extra large wine bottle or whisky bottle in sleeve is 10cm in width...
New shop: 3600cm×6shelfs=21,600cm or 2,160 wine bottles
Old shop: 2900cmx5shelfs=14,500cm or 1450 wine bottles 🤓
PS: Disclaimer: we have 2000 products currently, these aren't all 10cm wide wine bottles.