The Building Work Has Begun - Latitude Wine & Liquor Merchant

The Building Work Has Begun

In the settling dust of December we set foot into our new home with our shop fitters, Esgate & Kier, two local lads who have previously done wonders with the likes of The Brunswick, Laynes, Sarto, and Welcome

After a couple of weeks of planning the work has officially started at 46 The Calls. The first port of call has been is to get some sound proofing on the ceiling so as not to disturb our neighbours when we inevitably smash a bottle or two. Once the sound proofing is in we will be fitting the air conditioning, which, after sixteen years in a cold archway with no heating, is a luxury we cannot wait to enjoy. 

We have also started making preparations for our access lift installation. The new site is raised roughly one meter above street level (a blessing when you consider the proximity to the River Aire) and in order to get into the shop visitors need to use a set of stairs. As Latitude is all about making good booze available to the good people of Leeds and beyond, we thought it was important to make sure equal access to our new shop and tasting room is available for all. 

Now that the contractors are in and the gears are turning its all beginning to feel very real! 

As I have been writing this, I am also prepping for a Burns Night Supper at The Swine That Dines. I always get excited about tasting events as I simply love the opportunity to share delicious things and a bit of knowledge with like minded people. Today I'm extra excited as the prospect of holding weekly tasting events in our very own space. The possibilities are endless, what kind of tasting would you sign up to in The Tasting Room?

All the best & watch this space.